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I will be on vacation from 3/12 through 3/22. Our hours will be slightly adjusted during this time:
Monday through Wednesday 11-6pm
Thursday and Friday 11-4pm
Saturday 11-2
Sunday Closed

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The Food Industry who feeds us pays no attention to our health and the health industry who treats us pays no attention to food. Eat To Total Health focuses on both. There is such a huge connection between nutrition and health. If you are dealing with illness or just want to lose weight then let me customize a cleanse program for you. My cleanse plans are centered around food. There are no supplements to take, no magic potions to drink, no starving yourself and you won't be in the bathroom all day long. I tell you exactly what foods to eat. Most people love the way they feel so much that they continue to eat this way. If you are not a healthy eater then I can show you how to become one, if you are already eating healthy then this will take you to the next level.

All cleanse programs are customized to fit each persons health issues and health goals because every persons body is different. There is no one size fits all eating plan.

  At Eat To Total Health we can provide you with healthy, whole food, allergy free, plant based meals. Having a party or guests that are vegan or guests that have food allergies? Let us provide you with their meals. Come visit our healthy meals and smoothie shop located at 14 Ashland St North Adams Ma. We are open Monday through Thursday 11 -7, Friday 11 - 6 and Saturday 11 - 4.

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Eat To Total Health
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